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Respiratory & Personal Care

Portable Oxygen Concentrators, CPAP Machines and Respiratory Supplies

Casa Medical understands the needs of our respiratory patients. That’s why we carry a variety of standard and portable oxygen concentrators and CPAP supplies from top manufacturers. We work with our customers, their physicians and their loved ones to really understand their respiratory needs and help them find the treatments they need and that fit their lifestyles.
Sleep apnea is a serious and growing problem in our society. Having the right CPAP machine, CPAP mask and other CPAP supplies and using them correctly can lead to better health and a better life. Not sure what you need? Our respiratory experts are here to assist you every step of the way.

Find the Oxygen Supplies and CPAP Supplies You’re Looking For

Count on Casa Medical when you need oxygen supplies like oxygen concentrators and CPAP supplies to treat your sleep apnea.  Please visit the Casa Medical showroom or click on the products below to see those products and more like them in the Casa Medical online catalog.

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Oxygen Concentrators
Portable oxygen concentrators
CPAP masks
CPAP supplies

See Us for Compression Stockings, Bracing and Personal Care items

It’s often the simplest things that can really make a big difference in our health and well-being. Casa Medical can help you find compression stockings to treat edema, a variety of orthopedic braces for comfort and support, and a wide selection of incontinence supplies for the most personal of needs.

If you or someone you love is living with diabetes, Casa Medical carries the diabetic supplies that can help you in your day-to-day diabetes management.

Find the Personal Care Supplies and Orthopedic Bracing You Need

 The Casa Medical online catalog makes it easy to find the diabetic supplies, compression stockings, orthopedic braces, incontinence supplies and a variety of other products we carry. Visit our showroom or click on the products below to see those products and more like them that we have for you. Contact Casa Medical with questions.
I’m looking for:

Compression stockings
Orthopedic bracing
Incontinence supplies and urological supplies
Aids for daily living
Rehab therapy equipment
Diabetic supplies


"Excellent service and quality products. Very good selection, too."
Apr 04, 2013

"George...nice guy...helpful. They have a lot of medical equipment and a reasonable price.I bought Biofreeze there at a very good price. I will return."
Feb 02, 2013