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Category: Wheelchair / Power

Price: $3999.00

•Elevates 10" in just 16 seconds, even while in motion! •Enjoy face-to-face interactions •Mid-wheel drive for excellent 22.5" turning radius •Active-Trac Suspension for extra stability and smooth ride •Great for both indoor and outdoor use

Features a power elevating seat that raises an additional 10 inches in just 16 seconds. The most unique aspect of the power elevating seat is that it can raise or lower while the unit is in motion, so getting to your desired elevation is convenient and allows you participate in life as it’s happening.  Mid-wheel drive provides an excellent turning radius of just 22.5” for optimum maneuverability, even in tight spaces. The Jazzy Air features Active-Trac® Suspension which provides superior stability in both raised and lowered positions. At full elevation, the Air goes up to 3.5 mph, and 4 mph when fully lowered. It also has an impressive drive range of 15.29 miles with the standard U1 batteries, or an 18.4 mile drive range with the 40AH battery upgrade. If comfort is your primary concern, you can rest easy knowing that you can adjust the Air to fit your individual needs. There are three different seat sizes to choose from, and unlike other power wheelchairs with elevating seats, the footplate on the Air actually moves simultaneously with the seat as it’s moving up or down. The footplate is angle adjustable and has three different height adjustments. The armrests are also adjustable by height, angle, and depth so you’re sure to be comfortable in the Air.

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