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7" Bed Wedge


A must for people with respiratory or digestive discomfort. Comfy, extra-wide foam wedge elevates head and shoulders. Helps keep air passages open for easier breathing while sleeping or resting in bed. Use beneath or in place of pillow.

Cervical Foam Neck Rolls

For cervical and sacral discomfort these pillows provide stability and homeostasis. Its machine washable ...

Cocyx Cushion


Reduces pressure on the spine and coccyx •Extra liner for foam protection •Washable cotton/polyester zip-off blue cover

Contour Freedom Back Lumbar Cushion


It is designed with a unique spinal channel to prevent pressure on your tender spine, a special cutout shape to reduce pressure on the sacrum, and the upper back support shaped to give freedom of movement of the shoulders and arms.

Contour Lumbar Cushion


Helps relieve tension, ease lower back pain, and helps promote proper spine alignment Features an orthopedic design that helps relieve tension and muscle fatigue; ideal for travel, home or office use. Removable washable cover.

Convoluted Seat Pad


Allows better weight distribution/air circulation!

•Helps prevent and treat decubitus ulcers •Made of medical-grade foam for long-lasting use •Seat pad measures 16 in. x 18 in. x 4 in. •Pad comes with a back pad that measures 18 in. x 32 in. x 3 in.

Deluxe Swivel Seat Cushion


Portable, lightweight swivel seat allows for 360 degree of effortless movement. Ideal for those with limited mobility; perfect for getting in and out of vehicles. Ball bearing roller-mechanism allows the seat to turn without binding. Grey, Brown or Crea

Donut Cushion


14" Helps relieve the pain and discomfort associated with hemorrhoids and other perineal conditions.

Inflatable Rubber Ring


Helps relieve the pain and discomfort associated with hemorrhoids and other perineal conditions. ...

Kabooti Cushion


3 Cushions in 1! Donut, Coccyx, and wedge

The Better Ring Cushion! 3 cushions in 1. It combines a donut foam ring, coccyx cushion and seat wedge into one seat cushion. The coccyx part of the cushion reduces tailbone pressure, the wedge encourages proper seating posture and the donut cutout com

Memory Foam Leg Pillow


The patented design on our memory foam leg pillow supports and aligns your lower body, relieving pressure on your lower back, hips and knees. This pillow fits the curves of your legs, so it comfortably stays with you throughout the night.

Ortho Fiber Pillow


unique orthopedic design soothes stiff necks, relieves shoulder aches and comforts the upper body. Choose from two different support lobe heights for proper spinal alignment, and help relieve neck problems that are associated with poor sleeping posture.

Pillow Mate


The contoured design of the Crest Pillow Mate helps relieve muscle tension. Made of 100% hypoallergenic polyester fiberfill, it holds its shape. Crescent pillow gently cradles the head and neck. Includes a removable, machine washable cover.

Roho Mosaic Wheelchair Cushion


The cushion is especially suited for users who require a cushion for basic level skin protection, support and comfort. The use of interconnected air cells to distribute forces evenly across the cushion allows it to be used effectively for skin protection.

Twist Pillow


holds any position for perfect comfort and support. You can custom shape this roll pillow to your neck, back, legs, any part of your body! Soft poly foam with bendable linkage inside holds any shape and stays put for a totally new twist on comfort.