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Diabetic Socks

Seamfree Diabetic Socks offer a thin, lightweight cotton interior with a completely seamless toe ...

Lancets 30 Gauge


Universal Design, Use Once and Destroy. Enclosed is a sealed protective bag. Universal design fits most lancing devices. Tri-bevel tip for a more comfortable sampling.

Medicool Insulin Protector Blue

Keeps insulin safely cool for up to 16 hours. The insulin protection case. The ...

Safe Clip Storage Device


Great for using with insulin syringes and pen needles, the BD Safe Clip Needle Clipping Device safely and efficiently clips and stores the needles off of used syringes, making the syringes unusable and safely storing the used needles inside the device.


Dynarex Alcohol Preps feature a premium, non woven pad material saturated with 70% Isopropyl alcohol for effective scrubbing and cleansing. Latex Free.