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2 - Enablers Easy Key Turner


Increases Leverage for turning key with minimal stress. •Snap Over Standard Key - Does not work with all keys •Can be used in your home, your car or almost anywhere •Good for everyone including people with arthritis and other

36" Reacher

On Sale! $3.99

Save your back from strain with this handy long reach pickup tool. The pickup tool is made with steel tubing with ABS reinforced material for durability. For easy grip and a non-slip application, this pickup tool makes short work of long pick up jobs.

7" bed Wedge


Its wedge elevation raises and supports the whole upper torso. This elevation can fight breathing difficulties (sinus congestion, snoring, sleep apnea) and digestive pressures (acid reflux, heartburn). Available in 7, 10 or 12".

7-Day Medium Pill Organizer


The 7-Day Medium Pill Organizer is a convenient method for holding and organizing your pills or vitamins to help manage a daily medication regiment. Easy snap lids securely hold pills and keep them safe within a drawer or while on the go in your pocket.

Adjustable Length Reacher


This adjustable reacher can stretch from 30 inches to 44 inches to aid with reaching objects from high shelves or across deep counters. This reacher has a jaw that rotates for horizontal or vertical use. Innovative adjustable length design (30 to 44 ").

Aluminum Reacher with Magnetic Tip


Reachers are ideal for people with limited range of motion or difficulty bending. Perfect ...

Ambulation Gait Belt


Designed to help provide safe transfer, support and stability. Adjustable for a custom ...

Apex Deluxe Pill Splitter 70058


Pill Grip helps hold pill securely for a more accurate cut. See-thru design helps ...

Apex Dual Pocket / Purse Kit 61919


Holds up to 15 tablets.  Available in opaque white, blue, or lavender color ...

Apex Medi Tray 70027


White base with either opaque or translucent blue inserts. Replaceable inserts (No. 70045). ...

Apex MediPlanner ll 70013

Raised lettering & highlighted Braille. 28 compartments.  Available ...

Apex Pill Pulverizer 70029


Wing grips allow for easy crushing of hard to swallow pills. Storage area under cap. ...

Apex Twice-a-Day Pill Organizer 70059


Contoured design for easy pill removal. Color-designated and highlighted AM and ...

Deluxe Sock Aid


Terry cloth cover helps prevent sock from slipping; nylon-lined to reduce friction. Convenient and lightweight. Easy to use, requires little effort whether sitting or standing.

DMI Sock Aid


With this special design it helps conform to your feet so socks can go on easier.

Dressing Aid Stick


Adds 27 to an individual's reach •Has two hooks for picking up items •Assists with dressing or undressing •Great to use for those with limited dexterity of use of only one hand

Ear Syringe


•Comfortable, durable and easy to use •Latex free

Elastic Shoe Laces


Ideal for people who have trouble tying their shoe laces, these shoelaces allow enough stretch so ...

E-Z Key Turner


Enlarged key holders are designed with the turning effort already begun, so completion of the ...

Freedom Alert


No monthly fees No activation costs No monthly contracts Program up to ...

Gripper Slippers


These are the same slippers that are "hospital issue*" in many hospitals. Soft and cozy terry cloth single tread* slippers. Designed for safety with skid resistant treading. Latex free. Made of 75% Cotton and 25% Polyester.

Handy Bar


Personal support handle for your vehicle to make entry or exiting easy and safe. Easily inserts into ...

HealthSmart™ Expandable Door Hinges, Brass


Adds 2 inches to doorways, allowing barrier-free access for most wheelchairs, walkers and transfer chairs •An easy, inexpensive way to expand most doorway openings •Installs using the same screws and holes as the existing hinge

Lamp Switch Turner


Turn on a lamp with one finger •Fits over most standard lamp switches •Easily installed: no electrical connections •Ergonomically designed for minimal stress

Leg Lifter


Has a 3" rod that helps keep it stable with a good sized loop at each end.

Long Handle Call Bell


Steel call bell delivers a loud, clear ring.  Ideal for those who are bed ridden and may ...

Long Handle Shoe Horn


Helps people with a limited range of motion slip into shoes without bending, bruising heels or crushing ...

Long Handle Shoe Horn


Put on your favorite pair without bending over or crushing the backs of footwear •Spring-loaded lower shaft makes it easier to slip feet into shoes from any angle. •Made from durable metal •Includes hanging loop on handle.

Mealtime Protector


Poly/cotton cover features waterproof barrier •Easy to use hook and loop closure •18" x 24" size offers chest to lap protection •Measures 18" x 24" Rose, Green and Blue Print.

Medi Planner Deluxe


The Mediplanner® is a helpful method for holding and organizing your pills or vitamins to help manage a weekly four time-per-day medication regiment. The 4 compartment design and easy snap lids securely hold pills and keep them safe within a drawer.

Oral Medication Syringe


Bottle adapter to aid withdraw of medication.  Available in clear color. 

Pill Pulverizer


Storage area under cap •Translucent clear bottom with opaque blue lid •2 3/4" diameter x 1 3/4"h

Reach Extender Hip Kit


This kit includes five useful products:Deluxe Sock Aid24" Reacher22-1/2" Scrubbies(tm) Long-Handled Bath Sponge24" Dressing Stick19-1/2" Shoe HornThe DMI Reach Assist Kit is designed to extend the reach of patients recovering from hip or back surgery.

Round Call Bell


Makes a resounding attention getting DING •Needs no power source •A gentle tap is all that is required •Keep it near to call attention to emergencies •Size 3 dia 2 3 8 high

Ultra Pill Splitter


Optical grade polycarbonate •Flexible V-shape holder grips all size pills firmly for accurate cutting •Contoured design with overmold for comfort •Includes Blade Guard for added safety

Weekly Pill Turtle 70090


A unique, attractive shape. Easy to read raised letters and Braille markings. Lids that snap securely shut. Size fits easily in your hand or pocket. 8 compartments, an extra compartment is for additional storage.

Zipper & Button Puller


For those with weak or arthritic fingers, there's probably not a more difficult task than buttoning ...